Our 6 Favorite Summer Jewelry Trends

You can beat the summer heat with a cool, fashionable wardrobe, and perfectly paired jewelry will elevate your style to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you're sporting a pair of denim cutoffs and a tee or going a little more sophisticated in a colorful maxi, there is a piece of jewelry that will send all the right vibes this season. These trends in summer jewelry will catch eyes, turn heads and sparkle in the summer sun.

1. Colorful Gems in Summer Jewelry

Over-the-top colored gems are making a big splash in this summer’s jewelry trends. Long gone are the days of dainty, barely visible stones. The more flamboyant a piece, the more acceptable it is. Think of colorful stones like purple rhinestones or pink crystals to pull in the beautiful colors of a summer sunset. This Queen of Hearts necklace is full of color.

2. Butterfly Designs Making a Comeback

Although it might seem a little old school, butterfly designs are on a comeback tour. The butterfly is a symbol of hope and transformation, and the freedom of summer lends itself well to these vibes. You can also bring back other old-school classics to celebrate summer fun, such as jewelry items showcasing your favorite Disney characters.

3. Baguette Rings as an Upgrade

The trend that “more is more” is changing the traditional look of jewelry. Baguette rings are thin, banded rings usually layered with diamonds. However, this summer jewelry trend takes the bling to the next level. The majority of styles are eternity rings, and you can stack different rings with an exciting effect. Much like the colored gem trend for bold necklaces, a rainbow baguette ring pairs perfectly across a number of summer outfits.

4. Oversized Chokers as a Modern Refresh

Fashion trends seem to follow a cycle, and chokers are another look from the past appealing on the modern scene. However, this new look is making the most of oversized pendants. As a color tone, silver is big this summer, so an obscenely large silver centerpiece on a choker is sure to put you on the path to stylishness. If you prefer to have something a little smaller, be sure to pair your clothing so that the choker can still catch the eye and make a statement.

5. Chains as a Statement

Although pendant necklaces require a chain, as a summer jewelry trend, it’s about big, bold body chains. You can use chains to highlight your physique in a summer crop top, or they can be used as an oversized choker. Whimsical link chains that have intricate designs will stand out the most, such as chains fashioned for earrings.

6. Fringe as Crossover Piece

If you thought it was just for clothing, think again. Fringe jewelry is getting a huge boost this summer, though it’s a look that works best with denim and simple tees. Fringe coming off oversized earrings or flowing from a necklace wakes up any outfit.

Pairing the Right Summer Jewelry

While these summer jewelry trends are exciting, you can still showcase the classic styles and pieces of Sallyrose. Order your jewelry today and make a bold statement this summer.