The Wizarding World's Top 4 Harry Potter Jewelry Pieces

While they say the wand chooses the wizard, you can choose how you want to stylize your love for the magical world of Harry Potter with our fun and chic jewelry options at Sallyrose. Our Harry Potter collection is perfect for those die-hard fans who have their Hogwarts house memorized, or if you're just getting started on your adventure, we have something to show off your new interest. Immerse yourself into this amazing universe with our top Harry Potter jewelry pieces. 

Harry Potter Jewelry Must-Haves 

If you're a fan of this magical series, it is fantastic to find cool merch to express your excitement for the characters, places, and iconic spells. Some fans want something more subtle than a t-shirt but less permanent than a tattoo, and jewelry is a great way to show their appreciation and accessorize an outfit.

Here are our top four Harry Potter jewelry pieces.

1. Deathly Hallow Necklace 

The Deathly Hallows symbol is one of the more well-known symbols in the series. Not only is it a big part of the story, but it is the namesake of the last book. The charm represents three powerful magical artifacts: a wand, a resurrection stone, and an invisibility cloak, which make up its memorable shape. This great necklace charm can be a meaningful addition to almost any look, no matter the style. 

2. Golden Snitch Ring

The Golden Snitch is there from the Sorcerer's Stone all the way to the Deathly Hallows. It is the game-winning ball in the iconic wizarding sport of Quidditch, although it doesn't look like any standard ball you've ever seen, with its gold sheen and functional wings. Its design is delicate, making it a perfect choice for Harry Potter jewelry designs. A Golden Snitch ring is a simple yet effective nod to the series that many fans would enjoy. 

3. Nagini Pendant

Snakes are an integral part of the series in various ways. Nagini, a Burmese python, is the main antagonist's companion and is often seen as a mascot of House Slytherin. A Nagini pendant adds a spellbinding touch to an outfit for fans of the darker side of Harry Potter. Still, it maintains a level of obscurity that anyone can interpret outside of the wizarding world. If you like snakes, this is the piece for you. 

4. Engraved Bracelet

A bracelet engraved with your favorite quote from the series means you can never forget a scene that means a lot to you. It also makes for an easy conversation starter with like-minded people who are fans of the wizarding world, while being subtle enough to wear to any occasion. 

Bring Home the Gift of Magic With Harry Potter Jewelry 

Our Harry Potter jewelry collection is a unique and cute way to show your love for the acclaimed series. While having staple pieces is a good start, you can also get creative with customization. Visit Sallyrose and shop our limited edition or personalized options to get something truly special for you or a loved one. 

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