The Top Gifts for Dad

You've learned the importance of using quality tools if you ever tried to repair something yourself. As long as they're made to last, hand tools or power tools make great gifts for dad.

For the dad who likes power tools, a cordless drill can help get any home improvement job done faster and more efficiently. Your dad may love a new power washer to clean large areas quickly, such as the driveway or backyard deck. You can't go wrong with unique tools, including a contour gauge duplicator. This tool can help in tasks such as laying tile or woodworking.

You also can't go wrong with an upgrade in classic hand tools if your dad is a proud homeowner. Get him a top-rated homeowner's toolkit to help tackle almost any job. Some kits include up to 200 pieces, but you can decide how many tools your dad needs. A power screwdriver also makes a great gift, as it makes basic household repairs easy and fun.

For the Dad With Hobbies

Consider gifts for dad that incorporate his favorite hobby. Airplane or train model sets, an engraved fishing pole or hunting knife, or a scrapbook filled with memories can become sentimental objects for his home. If dad is young at heart but needs help with gardening, look for ergonomically pleasing, long-handled tools to make work less of a chore. Adjustable chairs that can fold are also perfect for taking a break while working in the garden.

If dad is an avid painter, you can get him a paint-by-number set or art supplies based on his needs. Paintbrushes with ergonomic handles are wider and easier to hold. Look for paint tubes in larger sizes or use paint in bottles with flip-top lids, as they are easier to manage.

For the Dad Who Wears Jewelry

If your dad isn't into gadgets and appliances, he might be interested in jewelry, such as licensed collectibles featuring Marvel Comics or Star Wars. The best men's jewelry is made of stainless steel, gold, silver, and sterling silver. Trinkets and jewelry boxes could also become beautiful family heirlooms. Dad may like a chain link necklace or a handsome pendant, depending on his style.

Men's jewelry tends to be more simplistically elegant, but it depends on personal taste. Keeping a dress code in mind when shopping for gifts for dad goes a long way in showing you care. You're also being practical, which many dads appreciate.

Dad Deserves the Best 

Your dad is unique, as he's not only your parent; he's also one of your closest friends. All fathers want the best for their children. To show your appreciation for everything your dad has done for you, give him a gift he wants or needs. No matter what item you choose, your dad will be pleased.

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