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10 Harry Potter Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Muggles

When the holidays roll around, you might start thinking about the perfect gift for each person in your life. Sometimes a certain gift can really show a person that you know and understand them. 

In this guide, we’re outlining some great Harry Potter Christmas gifts that will appeal to the fan in your life. You’ll find all kinds of items from necklaces, to plates, to luggage tags in this guide. We’re certain that you’ll find something to impress the Potterhead you know and love. 

1. Magical Hourglass Necklace

If the loved one you’re shopping for loves jewelry, then why not get them a wonderful Happy Potter necklace? The Time Travel Magical Hourglass is one of our favorites. This Harry Potter Christmas gift will allow them to take their fandom everywhere they go. 

2. Deathly Hollow Drop Earrings

Whether they love or hate jewelry, earrings are always a great option because you never know when you’ll need them. If your loved one is a Harry Potter, this is even better. Consider purchasing them a set of Deathly Hallow Drop Earrings

3. Hogwarts Jewelry Box 

With all your new jewelry, you’ll need a safe place to store them and this charming box is the perfect place. It features a jewelry organizer made of glass with a Hogwarts picture printed on top. The glass design allows you to see your jewelry inside even when the box is closed. 

4. Harry Potter 3-Pair Studs

With these Harry Potter stud earrings, you never have to go anywhere without representing your love for the wizarding world of Harry Potter. This set comes with six earrings in total featuring a snitch, a Harry Potter design, and the Deathly Hollows. The earrings are made with silver plated brass and include a complimentary Harry Potter gift box. 

5. Golden Snitch Ring 

Catch your own snitch with this Golden Snitch Ring made of silver plated brass with gold on top. The ring comes in three sizes 6,7, and 8 and is officially licensed Harry Potter jewelry. The ring comes with a Harry Potter gift box and is the perfect gift for a jewelry lover who is obsessed with wizardry. 

6. Harry Potter Hogwarts Pendant 

This pendant features a Hogwarts silhouette on an 18-inch chain. It’s a great gift for anyone who is obsessed with Harry Potter and wants to represent that everywhere they go. The pendant is an officially licensed Harry Potter jewelry item and comes with a complimentary gift box. 

7. After All This Time…Always Bracelet

One of the most famous quotes from the series is engraved on this bracelet. Dumbledore and Snape discuss Snapes love for Lily and you can represent this infamous moment everywhere you go with this interesting and cool bracelet. It’s made with silver plated brass and features an adjustable bolo closure. 

8. Slytherin Pendant 

Do you find yourself representing the Slytherin house? If so, wear your representation in style with this incredible pendant necklace. It’s made with silver-plated brass and comes with a lobster clasp closure that is durable and long lasting. This officially licensed Harry Potter jewelry item also comes with a gift box. 

9. Platform 9-¾ Luggage Tags

These fun and interesting luggage tags are a great gift for the Harry Potter lover/traveler in your life. It comes in a set of four and will definitely make their luggage stand out on the plane and in the airport. It’s the perfect gift for someone you know who has a trip coming up. 

10. Harry Potter Trinket Tray

If the Harry Potter lover in your life is a collector of Harry Potter related items, they’ll love this trinket tray. It features jewelry dishes that they can use to put trinkets and other items in. All the dishes are high quality and contain great quotes and features from the movies. 

How to Shop for a Harry Potter Lover

Harry Potter owl

If someone you know is a Potterhead, there are a number of great gifts that you can get for them. Be a wizard at gift giving this year and utilize a few of these tips when shopping for them. 

The first thing you want to do is get them a gift you know they’ll love, not what you think they’ll love. If your friend or family member loves to wear jewelry, then they’ll love any of the options on this list. If they don’t typically wear jewelry, consider something more modest like the pendant or stud earrings. 

Make sure to pay attention to the particular things about Harry Potter that they love. Maybe they’ve expressed interest in a specific house like Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? If so, get them something particular to that house. 

If they love a certain movie in particular, you can get them something specific to that as well. Maybe they mention over and over how much they love the Goblet of Fire because they really enjoy all the quidditch matches from the Quidditch World Cup. If so, get them something to do with quidditch. 

Regardless of their specific interest, there are so many Harry Potter gift items that you can get your loved one on this list. Shop confidently and really impress them this year. 

What Are Good Harry Potter Themed Christmas Gifts?

There are a number of great Harry Potter gift ideas in this guide but here are some of the options you could get the special person in your life: 

  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Board Games
  • Cookbooks
  • Action Figures
  • Pictures/Photos
  • Collectors Items
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Lawn Figurines
  • Wall Signs
  • …And much more!

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right Harry Potter Christmas gifts for the fan in your life can light up their eyes and give them a holiday to remember. We’re certain that 1 of these 10 options is sure to be exactly the gift you’re looking for. To learn more about our jewelry, check out our Harry Potter collection today!

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