How To Make a Fashion Statement With Hello Kitty Earrings

How To Make a Fashion Statement With Hello Kitty Earrings

Character apparel and accessories are a delight to wear, and not just for the elementary school set. No longer just a sign of frivolity or inappropriately youthful fashion sense, animated characters have been appearing on fashion for adults from t-shirts to ball gowns. Now it's easier than ever to show off your interests and your personality while also being fashion-forward with Hello Kitty earrings.

Make a Fashion Statement With Hello Kitty Earrings

Hello Kitty is not only adorable, but she's also the height of fashion for celebrities and everyone else. Her clean, simple design makes it easy to pair the jewelry with a wide range of clothing, and the bright colors elicit a feeling of friendship and happiness.

The sweet kitty's lack of a visible mouth means that she can't establish a specific identity, so anyone can connect with her in their own language and background. Her creators suggest that she can "speak from the heart," so wearing Hello Kitty jewelry means that you do, too.

Choosing Hello Kitty Earrings To Match Your Style

As with any other jewelry, your earrings should match your fashion personality. You can find studs for a subtle look or chandeliers to make a statement. Be sure to look for earrings that are good quality, yet affordable, so you can keep showing off your fashion sense for years to come.


Sterling silver is durable and appealing, and it can serve as a lovely backdrop for your character jewelry. The metal doesn't rust, and it's suitable for sensitive ears. If you want a bit more glam in your jewelry choices, 10k gold or gold-filled earrings are also a good choice.

Some Hello Kitty earrings include crystals for a glamourous appeal or colored beads for a multicolored sparkle. Hello Kitty's sweetly painted face and familiar red or pink bow can add a soft shine to otherwise muted earrings. More luxe jewelry may add pearls or gemstones for a hint of elegance.


Hello Kitty is inherently sweet and youthful, but you can display your sunny disposition with an assortment of designs and shapes. Hello Kitty earrings are available in numerous sizes and shapes as studs for a subtler look. Mismatched studs are of particular appeal, as they can lend interest in an office setting without being overly flamboyant.

If you'd prefer to exhibit your taste with statement earrings, look for dangles in the Hello Kitty color scheme or with a few iconic images from her oeuvre. Shimmering chandeliers are purr-fect for nights out with friends or even at a gala event, especially if they coordinate with similarly fanciful attire.

Put Your Style and Personality on Display With Hello Kitty Earrings 

Don't let age be a factor in deciding whether you should wear character earrings to your next event or day at the office. Anyone can enjoy modeling their friendly personality on their ears with Hello Kitty earrings that are on trend and fun to wear. Visit Sallyrose to find affordable and appealing licensed jewelry that lets you be you!

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