How To Find the Perfect Birthstone Jewelry for Your Loved One

Find the Perfect Birthstone Jewelry for Your Loved One

A precious stone associated with a person's birth month is known as a birthstone. Each stone possesses striking beauty and symbolism to inspire and complement its wearer. Find out what the different gems are and why birthstone jewelry is the right gift for your loved one.

The Symbolism of Birthstones

While most months are assigned one precious stone each, modern charts include some alternatives that are less expensive than traditional ones. Regardless of the birthstone you choose or identify with, each one symbolizes something unique and beautiful.

1. January

The birthstone for January is the garnet. Although garnet comes in many different colors, it's most commonly a deep red for this month. Garnet symbolizes creativity, serenity, and the removal of negative emotions. Customizable gold stud earrings from Sallyrose, available in the shape of Disney's Minnie or Mickey Mouse, can accommodate birthstone colors from any month, including gorgeous January garnet.

2. February

February's birthstone is the amethyst and ranges in color from light to dark purple. Catherine the Great of Russia was famously fond of birthstone jewelry using this elegant crystal, believed to bring the wearer clarity of thought and confidence. 

3. March

For March, the modern birthstone is the color and name of clear ocean water: aquamarine. This translucent blue stone symbolizes spiritual purity and happy marriage. 

March's traditional yet lesser-known birthstone is the heliotrope, also known as bloodstone. It is typically dark green with red spots and associated with magic and long life.

4. April

The birthstone for April is the diamond, enduring and radiant. It's no surprise this precious stone is used to symbolize everlasting love. Customizable sterling silver hoop earrings from Sallyrose, available in the shape of Disney's Minnie Mouse, can accommodate birthstone jewelry colors from any month, including dazzling April diamonds.

5. May

The spring-green emerald is the birthstone for May. Ancient Egyptians, including Cleopatra, adored this lush green stone, symbolic of rebirth, foresight, and healing.

6. June

The modern birthstone for June is the pearl, the only precious stone formed by a living creature. While pearls are usually white, some cultivated varieties are black, green, or gold. These luminous wonders of nature symbolize strength, wisdom, and the divine.

The traditional birthstone for June is the alexandrite, a rare and costly gem known for its color-changing properties. Alexandrite displays a sea-green cast in sunlight and transforms to a deep ruby tint under electric lighting. This striking stone is associated with good luck and intelligence.

June is one of the few months to claim a third birthstone: moonstone. The moonstone is named for its luminous appearance and signifies love, fertility, and good luck.

7. July

The birthstone for July is the ruby, prized for its vivid red hue. These fiery treasures are associated with passion, love, and robust health. Customizable sterling silver earrings from Sallyrose, available in the shape of tiaras, can accommodate birthstone jewelry colors from any month, including July's vibrant ruby.

8. August

The modern birthstone for August is the peridot, a lovely leaf-green stone traditionally believed to ward off evil.

August's traditional birthstone is the sardonyx, an orange and red stone historically used for seals by the Romans. Sardonyx is associated with composure and happiness in relationships.

9. September

The birthstone for September is the sapphire. While sapphires are famous for their rich blue depths, they can also come in many other colors. Sapphires symbolize spirituality and royalty.

10. October

Tourmaline, the modern birthstone for October, comes in many different colors and can even be multi-colored. This brilliant stone is associated with healing and creativity.

The traditional birthstone for October is the opal. Perhaps due to their otherworldly shimmer of color under certain lights, opals symbolize healing, light, and magic.

11. November

The modern birthstone for November is the citrine, a yellow-orange jewel. Some citrine occurs with amethyst in the same stone, forming a yellow and purple jewel called ametrine. Citrine is associated with happiness and stress relief.

The traditional birthstone for November is topaz. While this striking stone comes in many colors, yellow topaz is most commonly used for November birthstone jewelry. Yellow topaz symbolizes friendship, wisdom and long life.

12. December

For December, the modern birthstone is the tanzanite, famous for its blue-purple color variations. Tanzanite symbolizes love and commitment.

The traditional birthstone for December is turquoise. While it may not sparkle like other precious stones, its vivid cerulean hue certainly catches the eye. Turquoise is associated with luck and peace.

December's third birthstone is zircon. While zircon comes in many colors, blue variations are typically chosen to represent the December birthstone. It symbolizes good fortune and happiness.

The Timeless Memories of Birthstone Jewelry

Each birthstone is unique, just like the special person born in the month assigned to it. Giving your loved one birthstone jewelry shows how much thought and care you put into choosing their gift. It's tailored specifically to them, with their tastes in mind. Jewelry is truly a timeless gift, no matter how young or old a person may be. Every time your loved one wears their gift, they will remember they are loved by you.

Most material things fade over time, but quality jewelry can last a lifetime or longer if cared for properly. Here are some tips to help keep your jewelry looking as good as new:

  • Remove jewelry before bathing or entering a pool. Chlorine and some soaps can damage gold or silver.
  • Clean your jewelry only when necessary, with warm water and a soft jewelry cloth.
  • Store jewelry in separate compartments to prevent scratching of precious metals and gems.
  • Take your jewelry to be professionally cleaned every 6 months.

Find the Perfect Birthstone Jewelry

Customized jewelry transcends time through its endurance and ability to stir up beautiful memories. Find a timeless gift for the special person in your life by choosing from Sallyrose's customizable Disney birthstone jewelry selection.

Sallyrose jewelry collections feature other well-loved brands such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and Harry Potter. Whether you're searching for Batman accessories or Hello Kitty earrings, look no further to find the perfect gift for your own superhero or princess.

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