The silhouette of a lanky Jack Skellington stands out against the stunning backdrop of a full moon.

Disney Jewelry: Nightmare Before Christmas Collection

Is it a Halloween or a Christmas movie? That's the great debate surrounding Disney's classic stop-motion masterpiece, A Nightmare Before Christmas. 

It's one of those films that's almost like a right of passage — everyone watches it at some point in their young lives, falling madly in love with the exceptional cast of creepy yet festive characters. Jack, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie… they're all just as memorable as Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. Even Dr. Finkelstein has his advocates. 

The incredible visuals are hard to forget, too. The animation and set design are top-notch, painstakingly crafted by a small group of artists over the course of 18 very long months. (The production in its entirety took three years.)  

And the music? Well, let's just say it still hits all the right notes 30 years after its release. 

Take all that and factor in the powerful morals of the story, and there's no denying this holiday movie is what magic is made of. 

And its legions of fans agree. They honor their favorite characters with art, merchandise, and clothing. Perhaps you know someone like this. Or maybe you are Jack Skellington's biggest fan. 

Or maybe the mischievous trio of Lock, Shock, and Barrel is more your thing. Whatever the case may be — and wherever your allegiances may lie — there's bound to be a stunning piece of Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry that's right for you or someone you care about. 

Let's review some fan favorites from our Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry line:

Personalized Nightmare Before Christmas Necklace

Our officially-licensed Jack and Sally name necklace is a reflection of what makes the Nightmare Before Christmas so unique. It's an eye-catching piece featuring the film's beloved romantic duo. Jack and Sally sit perched on either side of a beautifully crafted nameplate, dangling from a 17" link chain. Their recognizable faces brilliantly capture the spark and wit of what makes these two so easy to root for. 

This is the way to go if you want to give a gift that would tickle Jack's funnybone while tugging at the heartstrings. Available in yellow-gold plated sterling silver or sterling silver. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Silver Plated Charm Bracelet

If you're hoping to find something that's both spooky and charming, our stylish charm bracelet features some of Halloween Town's most well-known ghoulies: You've got Jack the Pumpkin King Skellington, his true love Sally, his faithful ghost dog Zero, and his arch-nemesis, that devious burlap sack of bugs, Oogie Boogie. The piece measures 7.25" and comes with a lobster clasp to ensure the perfect fit.

If you're considering giving this item as a gift — Christmas or otherwise — you'll receive an authentic gift box so you can stick it right under the tree without wrapping. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Silver Plated Stud Earring Set

Sometimes people prefer to keep their love of the macabre on the down low, so a subtle piece that's still bold enough to get noticed by more observant passersby is exactly what you need. Our Nightmare Before Christmas Stud Earring Set checks all those boxes. And with three different studs — The Master of Fright (Jack), Zero, and a dazzling pink crystal — your loved one can mix and match, wearing the most appropriate earrings for any occasion. 

The best part?

We have a couple of sets from which to choose. If Jack and Zero don't do the trick, you can opt for Sally, a pair of bats, and black crystals. And they're all crafted with the same level of care and attention to detail. 

No matter which set you choose, your lucky friend, significant other, or family member will be delighted. 

Jack and Sally Necklace Heart Necklace 

No Nightmare Before Christmas Jewelry collection is complete without a nod to the deep love that Jack and Sally share for their town and each other. Our Jack and Sally heart necklace honors that bond with elegance and grace — and style. This 18-inch silvertone chain necklace has an enamel pendant charm that features Jack and Sally, giving each other a look that can move mountains.

You may have someone special in your life, and you're trying to find the perfect way to express your affection. Our heart necklace says it all in a way that's both simple and heartfelt. 

Jack Skellington Jewelry Dish

With all this exquisite jewelry, you or your loved one will need a place to keep it all safe. Our Nightmare Before Christmas silver trinket tray features a stunning portrait of Jack Skellington that honors the character's legacy with just enough enthusiasm to stay true to the movie's spirit without falling victim to gaudy extravagance.

This elegantly crafted glazed ceramic tray is the perfect place for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan to keep their rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. It's both quirky and practical, designed to fit in with any decor — leave it by the bathroom sink or on a nightstand in the bedroom. This is a beautiful conversation starter that will keep any jewelry collection organized for years and years. 

Sally Rose Nightmare Before Christmas Collection

At Sally Rose, we know just how important the Nightmare Before Christmas is to so many people all over the world. That's why all our pieces are hand-crafted, designed to pay tribute to the characters and stories you and your family hold so close to your hearts. Our Disney Nightmare Jewelry is officially-licensed and perfect for any fan of almost any age. And what you see here is just a tiny sampling of what we offer.

Check out our full Nightmare Before Christmas collection!

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