Jewelry Care

How to care for your jewelry:


Polished Sterling Silver should be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth to gently rub the silver.


Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Silver Plated should be cleaned with warm water and mild non-abrasive liquid soap.  Submerge the jewelry in the foamy solution for several minutes and then use a soft cloth to rub the items clean.  Once clean, rinse in warm non-soapy water and wipe with a lint-free cloth.  Make sure jewelry is dried properly before it is stored away.


Avoid letting hairspray, perfumes, chlorine, salt water or household chemicals come in contact with your jewelry.


It is best not to wear your jewelry to bed or in the shower.


Use caution when using any jewelry cleaner, read all directions carefully to ensure it is safe to use on your piece.  Many jewelry cleaners should not be used on porous stones such as pearls and opals.